Participation in the project “Precipita” of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology, FECYT, 09/10/2015    




Program in the National Radio of Spain (RNE 5) “Between test tubes”

Viral Emergency: World Emergency. Discussing with Isabel Fernández de Castro and Moisés García, 10/21/2015

Campus COPE program 128.  Talking to Moisés García Serradilla, 10/13/2015


 PRESS (Spanish)

A new organelle assembled by influenza virus transports the molecules of the viral genome from the nucleus to the  plasma membrane, where new viral particles are formed. This finding may lead to novel therapiesd against influenza viruses. 10/11/2017

Talking to scientists. Old drugs against emerging viruses. We talk to Cristina Risco. 02/19/2016

Chykungunya is not the only one. Tropical diseases are reaching Spain.  Interview with Cristina Risco. El Confidencial ,08/26/2015

Studying drugs against viruses with new imaging techniques.  NCYT Amazings. Science News in Internet, 9/10/2015

CNB-CSIC launches a “crowdfunding”  campaign to find new drugs against tropical viral diseases.  10/15/2015


Round-trip drugs. Diario Médico, 11/23/2015