EMiCCoN (Electron Microscopy Consulting, Formerly “BioGrid Solutions”)

EMICCoN is an Electron Microscopy consulting service for scientists and companies. We evaluate the viability of electron microscopy studies, provide experimental design and specific protocols and interpretation of results.  Our services include the elaboration of microscopy sections in grant proposals.

Our group has over 20 years of experience in electron microscopy of biological specimens. We are specialists in structural virology, cell ultrastructure, correlative light and electron microscopy, cryo-methods and in situ molecular mapping.

Rates depend on the complexity of the services, typically 300 to 600 € (taxes and indirect costs not included). Once a request has been accepted, the applicant is informed about the cost and time for delivery.

For more information please contact Dr. Cristina Risco (crisco@cnb.csic.es).